Danse med A

DansVideo Udlært
A Little Bit Bluer Than That48-Beg.Efterår 2017
AB - Alright, Already16-A-Beg.Efterår 2017
AB - Cotton16-A-Beg.
AB - Some Broken Hearts16-A-Beg.
Aimee's Waltz24-Beg.
Adios Amiga32-E-Beg.
Achy Breaky Heart32-Beg.
AB - Skiff-a-Billy32-A-Beg.
Ah Si!32-U-Beg.
A House With No Curtains24-Beg.
An Absolute Dream32-A-Beg.
A Woman Like You48-Beg.
Amarillo By Morning36-H-Beg
Angels and Alcohol (aka Dance for Yvette)32-Beg.
An Ordinary Girl32-Beg.
A Big Love32-Beg.
A Little Love Worth Waiting 432-A-Beg.
A Taste of Calypso32-Beg.
A One Way Ticket32-Beg.
After The Storm32-Beg.
All About A Woman32-Beg.
All Good32-Beg.
All Over The Road32-Beg.
All Over Again32-Beg.
All You Need Årsdans 201132-Beg.
Another Dance To Write32-Beg.
All The King's Horses64-Int.
Angel On My Shoulder64-Imp.
Ain't Worth The Tears32-E-Imp.
A Love To Last32-Imp.
A Little Love Trip32-Imp.
A Gambler's Tale (a.k.a. Deal Is Done)32-Imp.
A Little Bit Gypsy32-Imp./Int.
Almost Crazy32-Imp.
Amazingly Beautiful64-Imp.
Angel Of The Night36-Imp.
Are You Ready To Roll32-Beg.
A Better Man32- Int.
A One Way Ticket32-Beg.
A Little Lonely & Blue32- Imp.
Anybody Looking For A Fool ? Årsdans 201264- Beg.
Anything For Love32- Beg.
A Woman´s Love 64- Beg.
Along The Way32- Imp.
All That32-Beg.
An Absolute Dream32-A-Beg
Alter Ego32-Imp
Another Song32- Imp.
A Lot About a Little32- Beg.
A Crying Shame64- Imp.
A Little Bit Louder32-Imp
A Million Memories (Easy)32-Beg.
Always Humble32- Beg.
Alan Jackson64-Int.
Another One Bites The Dust64- Int.
All Summer32-Imp
A Little Dancing in the Country48 H-Beg.
Always Will Årsdans 202332- AB
A Song I Used to Hear32-Beg.
Ah Si, Ah Si, Ah Si32- AB
And the Cowboy Rides Away32-Beg.
A Wee Bit Lost32-Imp