Danse med L

Lullaby Waltz36-Beg.
Lindi Shuffle16-Beg.
Little Rhumba32-Beg.
Lonely Drum EZ32-E-Beg.
Lindi 3232-A-Beg
Lonely Drum Årsdans 201732-Imp.
Love Like Before Årsdans 201632-Beg.
Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone32-A-Beg.
Lights On The Hill32-Beg.
Little Loch32-Beg.
Late Night32-Beg.
Little Kiss Me Honey32-U-Beg.
Living Next Door To Alice24-Beg./Int.
Lonely Alone32
Lonely Lady32-Imp.
Love Will Win32-Beg./Imp.
Lucky Boy's Dream32-Imp.
Long Way From Waylon52-H-Beg.
Loslappie Mini32-Beg.
Leave it to You32-Beg.
Let's Break Up Tomorrow32-U-Beg.
Let's Go Fishing (tag med ud og fisk)32-Beg.
Like A Star32-Beg.
Little West Texas Waltz24-Beg.
Lonesome Luke32-Beg.
Look Who's Lookin' At Me32-Beg.
Lord Help Me32-Imp.
Love Her So Much32-Beg./Imp.
Love, JoAnn32-Beg.
Light Up The World32-Imp.
Lucky Touch40-Imp.
Lay Down and Dance32-Novice
Loved Too Much32-H-Imp.
Lonely Girl32-Imp.
Lay Low32-Imp.
Like Coca Cola In Hollywood32-Imp.
Last Ride32-Beg./Int.
Love Her For A While32- Imp.
Little Bluff32-Beg./Imp.
Long Time Gone64-Imp.
Looking For A Fool32-Beg.
Love Lifted Me48-H-Beg.
Love Me Love Me32-Beg.
Love You Forever32-Imp:/Int.
Long Haul Stroll32- Beg./Imp.
Love Flow Årsdans 201832-Beg.
Lots of Love32- Imp
Little Lady Bug32-E-Beg.
LALALI 32- Beg. / Int.
Like A Fine Wine32-Imp.
Lonely Lovers32- Imp.
Loving You32- Imp.
Lonely Blues Årsdans 201964 - Beg/Imp.
Love Is A Sweet Dream32-Beg.
Living On Love AB32- A-Beg.
Livin' In These Troubled Times32-Beg
Little Less Broken48-L.Int
Looking Up32- Beg.
Love Grows Årsdans 202232- Beg.
Looks Good On Me48- Imp.
Lonesome Drinkers32-Beg.
Lucky Lips32- AB
Little Heartbreak32- H.Beg
Love Button32-Beg.
Love Sunrise32-Beg.
Little Wagon Wheel32-Beg.