Danse med T

The Little Easy32-A-Beg.
The Chevy Man32-A-Beg.
The Galway Gathering32-A-Beg.
Tequila Sunrise32-Beg.
Take The First Step32-Beg.
Thank God for the Radio32-A-Beg.
The Bed You Made For Me32-Beg.
The Freeze16-Beg.
Together After All32-Beg.
The Most Beautiful Girl Årsdans 201732-Beg.
The Best Part of The Day32-H-Beg.
Two Way Stroll32-Beg./Imp.
Thinkin' Country48-Beg.
The Long Way Home32-Beg.
Ticket To The >Blues / Årsdans 201532-Beg.
Tennessee Waltz Surprise32- Beg
Thanks A Lot32-Beg.
That 55 Ford64-Beg.
That Boy32-Beg.
The Streets of Baltimore32-Beg.
Thinking About You32-Beg.
This & That32-Beg.
T.L.C. Årsdans 200732-Beg.
Triple Mix32-Beg.
T'Morrow Never Knows Årsdans 200932-Beg.
The Cowboy Rides Away64-Imp./Int.
The Older I Get32-Int.
The One You're Waiting On44-Int.
Traveling Shoes32-Imp.
Thank You Mr. Miller32-Imp.
The Belle of Liverpool64-E-Int.
The Boat To Liverpool Årsdans 201432-Imp.
The Shoebox64-Imp.
This Is Me64-Imp.
Those Were The Days32-H-Beg.
Too Strong To Break32-Imp.
Tara's Dance64/Imp.
The Key's In The Mailbox 32- Imp.
Ticket 2 Heaven68- Imp.
The Bomp64- Imp.
Telepathy64- E. Int.
Tell The World Årsdans 201532- Imp.
The Real Deal48- Imp.
The King and I32- E. Imp.
Texas Two-Step32-Beg.
The Picture32- Beg.
The Little Farmer Årsdans 201932-Beg.
These Old Boots32-Beg.
Ten Guitars32-A-Beg.
Train Swing Årsdans 201932-Beg.
Tears I Cried32-Imp.
Thorn In My Side Årsdans 201964-H-Imp.
Texas Connection Too32-H-Beg.
Tuesday I'll Be Gone32-Beg.
Tonight The Heartache's On Me32-Beg.
There Is A Light Årsdans 202032-Beg.
This Day Is Good32-E.Imp
Toe To Toe32- AB
Take Me Home32- Beg.
The Wrong Side Of SoberH. Beg. 32
The Big One32-Beg.
Train Wreck Årsdans 202148- H. Imp.
Tired of Toein' the Line32- AB
The Night That Went On For Days32- Imp.
'Til You Can't32-Int
The Road32-E.-Imp
Time To Come Together32- Imp.
Thinking Whiskey32- Int.
Time for love32- Beg.
Take A Breather32- Beg./ Int.
The Grace Of God32- Imp.
The Sun Can Wait64-Int.
The Morning After16-AB
Tonight We Dance32-Beg.
Til The Neons Gone32- Imp.
Take These Chains From My Heart32-E-Beg.
Two Boys32-Beg.
Tucson Too Late48-Imp
Take Myself Dancing Easy32-Imp
That Honky Tonk Highway32- AB
The Smilin' Dance32-Beg.
The Last To Know32-Imp
Take It Easy32-Beg.
The Card You Gamble32-H. Imp.
Tippin' It Up32-H-Beg.
Texas Hold 'Em32-Imp
Throw Away The Key68-Int.