Danse med S

Some Beach32-A-Beg.
Safe In My Arms EZ32-Beg.
Stand By My Woman Man32-Beg.
Save Me Tonight32-Beg.
Start Easy32-Beg.
Skinny Genes32-A-Beg.
Summer Celebration32-Beg.
Silver Wings32-H-Beg.
Six Mexican Beers32-Imp.
Smokey Cha32-Imp.
Smile On Your Face32-Beg.
Stop Staring At My Eyes!32-H-Beg.
Shakin Mix32-Beg.
Shattered Dreams32-Beg.
Singalong Song32-H-Beg.
Slipped & Fell32-Beg.
Something in the Water32-Beg.
Speak To The Sky Årsdans 200556-Beg./Int.
Stealing The Best32-Beg.
Stick Like Glue Årsdans 201245-Beg.
Stone In The River32-Beg.
Stop And Cafe32-Beg.
Such a Fool Årsdans 201432-Beg.
Sweet Maureen Årsdans 201332-H-Beg.
Southern Thing64-Int.
Side By Side64-Int.
Silver Lining32-H-Imp.
Some Broken Hearts32-Beg.
Stitch It Up64-Beg./Int.
Summer Fly32-Beg./Int.
Sunrise and Tequila32-Beg./Int.
Slow Down Again32-Beg.
Staying In Love64-L-Int.
Sometimes I Wonder32- A-Beg.
Streets Of You32- Beg.
Simple Things64- Imp.
Solo Amor48- E. Int.
Some Girls Will64- Imp.
Sadie's Dress32- Imp.
Stay Strong32- Imp.
She's Kind 64- Imp.
Stop & Drink64- Int.
Suspicious Minds64- Int.
Sinatra & Chardonnay64- Imp.
Shame & Scandal32- Beg.
Strange Thing40-Beg.
Sea of Heartbreak32-H-Beg.
Smiling Song32- Beg.
Special Delivery32 -Beg.
Sangria Time64- Beg.
Simple As Can Be32- Imp.
Suitcase Bottle32- Imp.
Sko og Støvler32-Beg.
Sweethearts by Saturday34-Imp
Something You Love32- H.Imp.
Sunset Road Årsdans 202132-Beg.
Sweet Sweet Smile Årsdans 200332-Beg.
Same Boat32 - Imp.
Sexy Eyes32- AB
Southern Dreams Årsdans 202064- L. nt.
She Just Wants To Dance32- E. Beg.
Some Kind Of Wonderful32-Beg.
Sweet Ireland65- E. Int.
Shivers Baby32- Beg.
Storm and Stone ( Årsdans 2022)32- Imp.
Sunroof32- Beg.
Single Life32-Imp
Same Song48-Imp
Save It for a Sunny Day32-Imp
Summer In Ireland32-Beg.
Silver Coins32-Imp
Salt, Lime & Tequila32-Beg.
She's a Natural (Country Girl)32-Beg.
Scootin' Bootin' Årsdans 202332-Imp
Steamboat Queen32-Imp
Straight Line64-Int.
Space In My Heart32-Imp